Snowed-In Atlanta

2014 has brought with it a pretty cold winter season in Atlanta.  Fortunately, this Christmas season brought plenty of coats my way…including my new favorite Kenneth Cole down-filled puffer with furry hood.  It sure has come in handy those single-digit mornings waiting on the train platform.  “Snowjam” occurred exactly two weeks ago, bringing havoc to the city and leaving it in a standstill.  Fortunately, since I take said train home, I wasn’t stuck on the roads for 10+ hours like many others.  Fast forward to this week, and Winter Ice Storm “Pax” bringing freezing rain and snow to the Southeast.  This time, we had early notice to stock up and stay indoors.  Today is Day 3 of being Snowed In, and this is what I woke up to:






20140213_081000  20140213_082810  20140213_081939



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