Guten Tag, Zurich!

Hands down, winner of the most beautiful arrival by plane goes to Zurich, Switzerland. Wow, soaring low above the snow-capped Alps, curving through the lush green valleys and shimmering blue lakes… It’s enough to get anyone excited about the journey ahead.

Cramming onto the airport tram, we hear the gentle sounds of rushing water, birds chirping, and cows mooing. Um…is this the natural history museum? Way to get us in the mood, Switzerland!

We headed towards the Ema House hotel in central Zurich. We had been up now for nearly 24 hours and just wanted a nap, but the room was not yet ready. So we dropped our bags and off we went! Its a relatively short walk, about 15 minutes, into old town. The city is divided by the Limmat River, which empties into the lake near the end of old town (Bellevue). All the locals were out sunning by the lake, as it was the very first warm sunny day of the season. Lucky us!



The trams, which are simple to figure out and easily maneuver through town, cost 2,60 CHF per ride. We hopped on, but no one checked our passes….so we ended up getting a free ride! After stopping in a riverfront cafe for some local beer, we found a nice restaurant off the beaten path. Mere Catherine was a perfect light meal of risotto with jumbo shrimp, and pesto ravioli.


Time to catch some zzzzzz’s!!!!


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