Meeting up with Rick

On the way back down from the Schilthorn, we stopped in Murren – a village only accessible by the cable car. The homes and structures are all in the alpine chalet style, with magnificent views of the mountains and valley. Many residents were out in their gardens planting for the spring.

Murren is situated on a 2000 foot cliff. It’s a perfect jumping point for paragliding into the lush valley below. I have never had the desire to paraglide, but it looks so peaceful gently gliding through such beauty. I want to do it! You ride along with a pro, so that helps. Next time!


We decided to stop for a beer at a small cafe. Each village seems to serve different local beer from the region. We tried the Feldschlossen Perle Dunkel, a delicious dark beer, and enjoyed the views.


Dad began to tell a story that just occurred up at Piz-Gloria while he was waiting for us to leave on the cable car. He was trying to figure out what time the next car was leaving, and was looking for someone to ask. There were only Chinese tourists, and then a tall man with his back towards dad. Dad starts to ask the man, and he turns around. And dad tells us, “he was Rick Steves”. No way, we say. The travel writer & vacationing guru worshiped by millions of world travelers for decades?? “Oh,” I say, “you mean………..that guy?” Just that very second, the Rick Steves walks up the path next to where we are sitting! We get up to meet him, and take pictures. His company runs group tours from May thru October, and Rick makes a surprise appearance to accompany one tour each season. This one was a 21-day Best of Europe. They had started in Amsterdam, then to Germany and Italy before this. Interestingly, the night before, we had been down in Stechelberg. We noticed a group staying at the hotel, having drinks outside, and thought we recognized him. Turns out it we were right!



You can catch Rick’s blog here:
P.S. I’m not the only one behind on my blog! He hasn’t started about Switzerland yet.


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