Jungfrau Valley

Our hotel, the Berghof-Amaranth in Wilderswil was a perfect base location in the valley. Close to the highway, the Grindelwald turnoff to the Jungfrau Valley, and of course, entrance to the Lauterbrunnen Valley.


These long-haired guys greeted us every morning on the way out.


So off to the Lauterbrunnen train station this morning, to catch the cog railway to Wengen. Wengen is halfway up the mountain, with the final train stop being the Jungfrau. We boarded the train with a young Swiss skier dude and all his equipment. He was headed to the top of the Jungfrau to ski with a kite, which we think allows you to fly off jumps easier.


Wengen is a ski town, but also very residential. We found a paved trail that encircled the town and provided for some amazing views.




Next, we took the turnoff to Grindelwald in the next valley over. We had been to Grindelwald over 15 years ago, and my, how it’s changed! We found our previous chalet. But the train station was unrecognizable due to so much newly built up around it.


Next, we hopped back over towards Brienz, to the Chateau at Iseltwald. There are beautiful grounds with trails and a waterfall. A funicular takes you down the steep cliff face to the lake below, and a ferry to the town. That’s the chateau nestled in there amongst the trees.


Beautiful views of the lake below.


Then, back to Interlaken for dinner at the Cafe de Paris – delicious simple French food, and a nice walk past all the famous Swiss watch shops.


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