Land of the Midnight Sun

I’ve been invited by friends from Sweden to come visit their country for years. When Norwegian Air opened up direct routes, it finally was clear to take advantage of the opportunity. Voted one of Europe’s best long haul airlines, Norwegian Airlines flies the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. With nearly 300 passengers, it’s massive. The Dreamliner is designed very comfortably with ambient lighting and larger than average windows. It’s built for reduced carbon emissions and specialized cabin pressure to reduce jet lag. It works!

Arriving into Copenhagen, we decide to call Uber for transport to the hotel but it’s only been in Denmark for 6 months, so many are not yet familiar with it. Funny that we sort of turned into Uber Ambassadors, educating the hotel staff and others about this new service in their country.

The Copenhagen Marriott is situated nicely along the waterfront, very close to Tivoli Gardens. The room was large, on par with american standards, with splendid views. The Danes are known for their design, and have constructed a beautiful wooden boardwalk over the canal that undulates up and over the waterway. It’s perfect for a morning jog or evening stroll.



In walking the streets of Copenhagen, we were looking for signs of what makes the Danes the happiest people on earth (or so it’s been reported). They are extremely welcoming, very outgoing and friendly. Interacting with locals in shops & restaurants, it quickly became evident that everyone speaks perfect English. They do so not only for Americans, but as a common language for all tourists. This makes getting around the city very easy. They lead a very active lifestyle, with the bicycle as a main means of transportation. The residents of this city are remarkably beautiful, and extremely tall.

The main pedestrian avenue is Stroget, with international stores, local boutiques and cafes.



Rosenborg Castle was built as a country summerhouse in 1606 for Christian IV. It was built in the Dutch Renaissance style, typical of Danish buildings during this period.


Nyhavn (New Harbour) is a waterfront district lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses with bars, cafes and restaurants. The canal features many historical wooden ships.


For dinner, we ended up at a bistro frequented by locals, Cafe Wilder. Smoked salmon appetizer, white asparagus with shrimps, and warm rhubarb & berry compote with honey ice cream. Delicious!





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