The Wild West

Jackson Hole, nestled in the Teton Mountain Range of Wyoming, is a true modern-day meets old-west cowboy town.  The 40-mile long valley is home to many celebrity types with private ranches.  But it wasn’t always this way.  “Jackson’s Hole” was originally named for a fur trader who trapped beaver there in the 1830’s.  I can’t imagine trekking through this terrain in the early 1800’s by horse and wagon.  The topography of the area, encircled by mountains, naturally forms a hole, or valley.


Historically, Elk migrate to the warmer meadows and wetlands of the valley in the winter to feed.  Competition between elk and cattle for food became so severe in the early 1900’s that the elk herd was facing drastic reduction in numbers.  In 1912, Congress established the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole.  Today, approximately 7,500 elk winter in the refuge.

Elk shed their antlers once a year and grow new ones.  Thousands of racks are collected every year and can be found with many uses.  The focal point of Jackson Hole’s Town Square is its antler arch which has come to symbolize the town.


Our accommodations here are at the charming Rustic Inn, just a few blocks from the town square.  The Rustic Inn is made up of individual log cabins, but there is nothing rustic about them.  Expect top notch decor and comfort, with an excellent continental breakfast included.




The property has fire pits and outdoor seating to enjoy, and even a teepee!



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