Urban Oasis: Los Angeles – The Getty Center

There is more to L.A. than movie stars, the scene, shopping and beaches.  There are many cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy, as well.  Why not combine them both – which is exactly what I did on my last trip, spending a few hours at The Getty Center.

The Getty is located on a hilltop in the heart of West L.A.’s Santa Monica Mountains, easily accessible off the 405.  Admission is free!  Parking is $15.  There is a designated Uber pick-up/drop-off zone.  From the parking area, take the tram up the hill to the main entrance.  There were several school groups on line for the tram when I arrived, so instead of waiting, I walked.  It’s a nice, but long walk uphill.

The Getty is art, architecture and gardens comprised of several modern buildings, open courtyards and panoramic views.

Just walking the grounds outside will easily take an hour or two.  Be sure to climb the outside stairs of the buildings for new vistas around every turn.

The buildings were constructed from Travertine stone, imported from Italy.

Okay, now you can go inside… on display are european and american paintings, sculpture and photography.  The Getty has a couple different dining options, including coffee carts, an informal cafeteria and formal restaurant.

Or just relax outside and soak in the day…




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