Two Days in Quebec City (Day 2 – Lower Town)

For the second day in Quebec City – rise and shine, then grab a seat on the RTC city bus line #11.  Be sure to take the bus marked Gare Fluviale heading towards Vieux-Quebec.  It is a nice (& inexpensive) way to get a full overview the city – making your way by city bus first throughout upper town then into lower town.  Stay on the bus until the final stop at Gare Fluviale, where you’ll begin the day at the base of lower old town.

If you feel up for some walking, you can also begin this route from Chateau Frontenac in upper town, taking the Funicular down from Dufferin Terrace for CAD 3…

… or by walking down the series of stairs.

There are many shops & restaurants along main street, Boulevard Champlain.

But, where is the famous “Petit Champlain“, you ask?  It’s here.  Just up the steps between the two buildings.

Petit Champlain is a charming narrow little alley filled with boutiques and restaurants.

Follow the alley towards the funicular, turning right onto Rue Sous-le-Fort, then left to Rue Notre-Dame, which leads to the historic Place Royale, the first permanent French settlement in North America.

For a coffee & croissant break, stop in Maison Smith’s Place Royale location They have the biggest and best croissants in town (and will even give you freshly made jam).

In the square and along Rue Notre-Dame are gemstone and jewelry shoppes, along with lovely art galleries which should not be missed.  Continue walking across to Rue du Sault-au-Matelot, and the parallel Rue St. Pierre, towards Place de la F.A.O. for more shoppes and cafes.

Place de la F.A.O.

For dinner, try the family run Cafe Bistro du Cap with the wife running the front of house and the husband in the kitchen, it is truly like enjoying a meal – and an excellent one at that – at someone’s home.  With only a few tables, be sure to make a reservation.

Find the bus marked #11 for the ride home, this time looking for the opposite direction (not Gare Fluviale).  Throw your arm in the air like you’re hailing a cab – because the bus will NOT stop if he doesn’t see anyone waiting and no one is getting off.

Get your museum fix, or if you are just trying to get away from bad weather, look for Musee de la Civilisation, where there is also a nearby bus stop.

Take the bus, or walk, to the Marche du Vieux Port (Farmers Market) at the St. Thomas stop, before turning in for the night.

For more about Quebec City, don’t miss my previous post Day 1 – Upper Town.


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