The Wild West

Jackson Hole, nestled in the Teton Mountain Range of Wyoming, is a true modern-day meets old-west cowboy town.  The 40-mile long valley is home to many celebrity types with private ranches.  But it wasn't always this way.  "Jackson's Hole" was originally named for a fur trader who trapped beaver there in the 1830's.  I can't … Continue reading The Wild West


Fjord Life in Flam, Norway

Flam is a cute little port town located on one end of the majestic Aurlandsfjord, one of two tributaries of the grand Sognefjord. The smaller, narrow Naeroyfjord is a Unesco World Heritage site. Large cruise ships dock in Flam most days between 10 - 5:30. Of the few hotels in the area, we chose The … Continue reading Fjord Life in Flam, Norway